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Consultation & Marketing in Japan

Japan is relatively a large market.  On the other hand, foreign companies often face troubles and problems with local Japanese companies and authorities due to their poor English skills. 


AXLE can solve this issue when you want to sell your products in Japan.  We will find a suitable partner in Japan who can sell your products to consumers in Japan. 

Or looking for someone to handle your SNS in Japanese? 

Unfortunately, Japanese do not understand English so well and they are not eager to read English texts.  Therefore, it is necessary someone to write in Japanese.


AXLE can solve this issue again and be your SNS editor in Japan. We also can handle the inquiries or comments written by potential Japanese clients who write in Japanese.  

Interested in Facebook page in Japanese?  Click and check the rates here 

Eventually, we can also be a liaison office for your company in Japan. 

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